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Aliens Registration Cards Online
'Alien' was formerly the legal term for an immigrant to Britain. You can now search the National Archives and download registration cards for over 1,000 aliens online for the first time.

All human beings... Manual for human rights education
The resource aims to help students and teachers at primary and secondary level to understand the universal elements of human rights.

An Archaeology of 'Race'
Website and teaching pack that explore the reality of multi-cultural Britain.

An RE curriculum for global citizenship
An RE curriculum for global citizenship demonstrates the contribution of religious education (RE) towards the development of responsible global citizens.

Angela Richardson - Storytelling
A range of activities to support schools and the community to reflect, value and extend pupils' cultural, social and personal identities.

Angolan Advice and Information Centre
Advice for the Angolan community on education.

Anne Frank Trust
The Trust is inspired by the life and diary of Anne Frank and aims to educate and motivate young people to reject prejudice and injustice.

Anti Racism: An Educators' Resource
This educators' resource starts off by looking at what race is and how to teach about racism.

Anti-Bullying Network
This website contains some information about racist bullying, including some documents recommended for teachers who are facing racist bullying in school.

Apache Art Company
Run workshops on Native American Indian art, culture and history.

Arc Theatre
We work with business, schools and colleges, the public sector and communities to ignite change through storytelling. By pushing the boundaries of understanding and empathy in a 'safe' environment, we challenge people to think.

Artswork - Training & Publications
Youth Arts Agency offering training and publications in Cultural Diversity and the arts.

Asian Times
Asian Times is a well respected, weekly newspaper published in Britain by Ethnic Media Group. It covers UK news and sport, with nationwide coverage of social and political issues concerning Britainís diverse Asian communities.

Asian Workers' Struggles in the Diaspora
This pack highlights the struggles of Asian workers who have migrated from South Asia to Britain and to various other countries that were once British colonies.

Autograph was founded in 1988 as a centre to promote photographers in Britain who are of African, Caribbean and South Asian origin. Autograph produces its own programme of activities and collaborates with other arts organisations both nationally and internationally.

Badger Publishing
Badger Publishing has been selling quality books to schools since 1989.

Bangla Stories
The Bangla Stories website is the result of a three year LSE/Cambridge oral history research project exploring the history and experience of Bengali migrants. It also includes a teaching resource pack based on this material with KS3 lesson plans.

Bangladeshi Children in our Schools: A guide for teachers
This guide is not only useful for new arrivals from Bangladesh but also for those pupils who have been born in Britain and have not been to Bangladesh.

Barnet Multicultural Study Centre
Classroom and professional development support; library and journal collection. Good source of advice and support.

BAWSO Women's Aid
Advice, support and refuge accommodation for black and minority ethnic women who encounter domestic violence and their children.


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