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Kazzum Theatre Company
Kazzum creates playful theatre and participative arts activities for young people, using art forms that reflect international influences.

Kush Films/Kush Promotions
Short and feature-length films are shown every month especially for the British African community.

London Bubble Theatre Company
Theatre performances, school workshops.

London: Diaspora Capital
London: Diaspora Capital is an exciting resource that has been developed by Cultural Co-operation. It aims to provide greater visibility and opportunity for London-based artists of diverse national and faith backgrounds.

Mirage Children's Theatre Company
The Mirage Children's Theatre company is a multicultural arts and drama organisation

Neti-Neti Theatre Company
Aim to advance education through the promotion of the arts with particular reference to the dramatic arts and without distinction of race, sex, disability or other opinion.

Norwich Playhouse
The Norwich Playhouse aims to bring the best of music, comedy, dance and drama to the east of England.

Octagon Theatre
The Octagon is an award-winning theatre with a flexible auditorium seating up to 400 people.

Oldham Coliseum
Located in the heart of Oldham, the Coliseum Theatre has both an intimate 585-seat auditorium and a smaller studio space for more contemporary plays.

Oona Alexander
Performance artist and storyteller specialising in stories from different cultures, storytelling, storymaking and drama with families.

Respect - Biggin' Up Black History
Respect - Biggin' Up Black History is an exciting and powerful film tribute to those who came over from the Commonwealth to serve in World War II and to help rebuild Britain in the following years.

Southwark Playhouse
Storytelling; workshops; arts and drama projects.

Traditional Caribbean Storytelling/Music workshop.

Tamasha Theatre Company
Writes and stages stories drawn from Asian communities in both Britain and the Indian subcontinent.

Theatre Museum
The Museum holds the world's largest and most important collections relating to the British stage.

Two's Company
Operate in Greenwich Borough. Teacher training; role play workshops; racism awareness.

Want to see more of me?
Photographer Donald MacLellan\'s exhibition presents 25 striking portraits of established well-known Black British actors.

West Yorkshire Playhouse
Since opening in March 1990, West Yorkshire Playhouse has established a reputation both nationally and internationally as one of Britain\'s most exciting producing theatres, winning awards for everything from its productions to its customer service.

Young Vic Theatre
The Young Vic presents seasons of classic plays - old and new - and each year they create a theatrical event that embraces young people, children and adults in a single experience.

Zendeh is a culturally plural, nationally minded, creativity-led dynamic hub, a power house of quality and entertaining performance, with the objective of creating diverse artistic works, with a voice for internationalism with its heart in Scotland.


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