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Home Again: Stories of Migration and Return
A collection of contemporary real-life stories by 22 Dominicans wno are now back home after living, working or studying in the UK, the US, Canada and in the Caribbean region.

Jamie Crawford
Storyteller and qualified primary school teacher. Tells traditional tales from around the world and dramatises them for modern audiences.

Jcore Educational Postcards: Equality, Justice, Prejudice and Generosity
A series of ten postcards designed for use by years five and six.

Joliba: Arts from Mali and the Niger Bend
Authentic arts and crafts, musical instruments, jewellery, sculpture, textiles, beads, books and educational resources imported directly from West Africa. Shop exhibition floor and mail order catalogue.

Kate Corkery
Storyteller and musician. Tells tales from around the world, particularly strong on Irish/Celtic stories.

Kim Barrall Design
Traditional African artefacts, musical instruments and fabrics.

Learning Africa
A site that offers support for teachers wishing to explore Africa in the classroom.

Link Community Development
The Link Schools Programme facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between over 700 schools in the UK, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Malawi.

Marlborough Brandt Group
The Marlborough Brandt Group (MBG) is a registered charity founded in 1981 in response to the Brandt Commission Report, which advocated increased contact between the industrialised and the developing worlds.

Moving People Changing Places
Moving People, Changing Places: website learning resource unpacking issues of migration, identity and diversity facing contemporary societies. It features information, stories, images and learning resources, with links and further reading to follow up.

Multicultural Textiles
Multicultural and associated textiles, batik, tie-dye, embroidery, shisha mirrors, wall hangings, bells and much more from a huge range of countries in Africa, Asia and South and Central America.

Paul Obinna's Timeline
Paul Obinna\'s incredible Timeline scroll features 8000 years of African and European history... on one scroll!

Primary Resources
Online resources for primary schools to help in the teaching of National Curriculum subjects.

Promoting Our Heritage
The aim of the website and business is to promote the Jamaican Heritage and way of life as a positive one, by increasing access to spoken and written material about Jamaica and Jamaicans. We sell books, music, DVDs, videos, travel guides and maps.

Rhythms of the Middle-East - music and dance workshops by Alwan
Drawing on backgrounds in middle-eastern music and spirituality, Alwan (Arabic for \'colours\') bring to life a culture that is often misunderstood.

River Street School
A CD-Rom intended for use by early stage EAL learners in Key Stage 2 & 3 to introduce pupils to some of the language, concepts and skills required by the Geography curriculum.

A global TV series. Kids fly from the UK to check out their family roots in other countries around the world.

Teacher Network
Guardian website. Thousands of free ready-made teaching resources for ages 4 to 18.

The Road to Partition 1939-47
National Archives resource allowing exploration of the period through original documents, archive recordings and British Pathe footage.

The Romani DVD
This interactive DVD takes you on a fun journey through the fascinating history, varieties and present-day status of the Romani language.


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