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Global and Anti-Racist Perspectives within the Primary Curriculum

This extensive resource, developed by teachers in Nottingham, is a must for any primary school. The folder shows in great detail how a global perspective can be included within every subject of the primary curriculum. There are sections for every subject, beginning with an introductory overview of links to global perspectives. This is followed by a detailed framework showing resources and ideas for each QCA unit of work within the England National Curriculum. The folder also includes ideas for assemblies and working with artists, and dozens of case studies ideas from schools.

Teacher's Pack includes A4 ring binder with photocopiable sheets and one CD-ROM Price: £70.50 inc. p&p (please make cheques payable to 'MUNDI'.)

Subjects:*Assembly, *Whole School, Art and Design, Design and Technology, English, Geography, History, ICT / IS / IT, Mathematics, Music, PE / Dance, PSHE / PSE / PSED, RE / RS, Science

Location: Any

Suitable for age : Primary


Name: Kapka Nilan
Centre for Development Education
School of Education
Jubilee Campus
University of Nottingham

0115 951 4583

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