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Exploring Archives: The George Padmore Institute

- Why do people protest? - The history of the New Cross Parents' Campaign
- The Caribbean Artists Movement – a case study outlining how the arts and politics converge
- Information is power: The International Book Fair of Radical, Black and Third World Books

The George Padmore Institute is a unique library, archive, research and information centre housing material relating to the political and cultural history of people of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe. It includes material from the Caribbean Artists Movement (1966-1972); the New Cross Massacre Action Committee (1981-1983); and collections relating to campaigns for better education for black children from the late 1960s. It is located above New Beacon Books in north London and also contains the history of this bookshop and publishing concern and of the international book fair which emerged from it. In general the GPI archive captures different moments of intellectual, political and creative ferment which people from Britain's former colonies brought to this country in the post-war period. These were traditions embraced and continued by their descendants. The archive gives insight into how a critical mass of energy and vision can be created by relatively small groups of talented and committed individuals, and how this can provide a focus for wider community action and lead to real social change.

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