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TrueTube is a free website that uses real-life stories and issues to encourage teenagers to explore and debate the world of morality, ethics, politics and religion. TrueTube brings to life the subjects at the heart of secondary education using short-form web-based video and multimedia technology. The site encourages teenagers to find their voice as they explore their own value systems and those of their peers around the corner and across the world.

Teachers can use the site as a catalyst to encourage classroom discussion and as a tool to aid learning through audio-visual media. TrueTube also offers a range of teaching resource packs which include lesson plans and activities that fit with the QCA2007 curriculum. TrueTube understand that streaming media in an educational environment is not always practical. Therefore most of the films on TrueTube are downloadable as MPEG-4s. They don’t deliberately try to push the boundaries of acceptable coverage. The issues covered on TrueTube are important, and relevant to the lives of the young people they seek to affect. As such from time to time some educators may feel that some media may not have a direct application in the classroom, or may be targeted at a slightly older age group.

Teachers are encouraged to use the site to inspire students to make films of their own. To help with this TrueTube offers an online Edit Suite where teachers can allow students to work remotely and create films to be uploaded to the site and which can be used as coursework.

Location: Any

Suitable for age : Secondary


Name: TrueTube
9-10 Copper Row
Tower Bridge Piazza

020 7940 8480

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