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Irie Dance Theatre

IRIE! is a professional Black company based in the south-east of London - a predominantly Black community from which it derives much of its inspiration. Its influences are a combination of African, Caribbean and Western Contemporary dance.

IRIE!'s musical orientations are:
- Drumming
- African and Caribbean
- Traditional rhythms
- Reggae
- Dub (a development of reggae music)
- Calypso

IRIE! can offer varied and exciting residencies lasting from one day to several weeks for educational institutions throughout London and the regions.

Dance workshops explore the use of African, Caribbean and Contemporary movement showing the strong links between modern techniques and African and Caribbean dance. We use a variety of music including calypso, reggae and dub music. Workshops generally run for 45-90 minutes and will normally consist of:

- Warm up and introduction to the style of dance
- Progressions across the floor and sequences
- Composition where students have the chance to display their creative talent

Music workshops explore Caribbean or African rhythms - their history and style. Participants will get an introduction to some or all of the following elements:

- Drumming
- Storytelling
- Games
- Singing & Dance

Location: Lewisham

Suitable for age : Any


The Albany Stage\r\nDeptford\r\nLondon

020 8691 6099

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