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Across The Divide

This particular book in the series covers issues surrounding inequality of gender, in unemployment, housing and development.

The series is part of the Modern Studies programme in Scotland, although the books would be very valuable to any teacher of Citizenship.

A range of topics are explored in the book including gender inequalities in the home and workplace, homelessness in Milton and child labour in India.

Although the materials are aimed at 5-14 year old, they are likely to be tackled well only by the older students in that group.

Indeed, such is the complexity of the issues dealt with, that only the more able would be likely to gain a great deal from it.

The material is always interesting and involving, but could perhaps be used most effectively with older students.

The basic framework is to provide materials for students to read and use in relation to set activities.

Each book concludes with a decision-making exercise. Teachers using these books would need to be careful in their choice of activities for the ability and age of the students they are teaching.

Nevertheless, there is a range of ideas and activities included that are helpful to the teacher faced with teaching Citizenship for the first time.


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