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A Story to Tell: Coming to Dorset from Around the World

A book of stories, mostly in the words of 35 people who live in Dorset, but have roots in many parts of the world. There is also a guide for teachers and youth workers.

These two documents comprise an excellent resource relevant to any part of the country, but especially useful in dispelling the myth of the 'white, rural idyll' of areas such as Dorset.

The 35 stories show courage, humour, pain, and hold up a mirror to Britain as newcomers see it. The handbook systematically identifies useful themes from the stories, links with various subjects (including examination work) and cross-curricular themes.

The 26 activities draw well on the stories and cover a range of issues such as the impact of tourism on developing countries, the feelings and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, racism and ignorance, and cultural variety in the community. There are brief but useful reviews of up-to-date related resources.


£5.95 (book)
£2.95 (Teachers and Youth Workers Guide)

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Suitable for age : Any


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