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Aegis Trust

Aegis means 'shield' or 'protection' in Greek.

The Aegis Trust works towards the prevention of genocide.

Aegis is motivated by those who have experienced genocide. Their stories are at the heart of the organisation.

Fundamentally, Aegis believes that no one, whoever they are, should face discrimination, even death, as a result of their ethnic origin or beliefs.

The main objectives of the Aegis Trust are to:

- Document the experience of people who have suffered genocide.
- Preserve the memory of the victims of genocide.
- Undertake research that betters the understanding of the causes and consequences of genocide.
- Disseminate knowledge and understanding about genocide.
- Inform and shape policy to protect against genocide.
- Promote education that improves the understanding of how genocide occurs.
- Assist those who suffer the consequences of genocide.
- Empower people to make a difference, to protect against genocide.

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